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Chesini Olimpiade Columbus SL tube frame set
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A little history of the factory

To see the first CHESINI bike we have to go back to the time between the two world wars.
We are indeed in 1925 when, from the skilful hands of Gelmino Chesini, founder of the prestigious brand, the first innovative bike was created. The first model of a race bike, named CHESINI BICIPRECISION is forged in that year, in the workshop of Nesente, a small village near Verona.
In the post war period, the activities grow quickly and, in 1947, Gelmino Chesini acquires a bike factory, CICLI VALLETTI, and moves the headquarters of CHESINI BIKES to Via San Paolo. in Verona.

The sixties are the years of the Italian economic boom that brought a big change in people mobility.
Cars were now more affordable and popular and started to became a status symbol.. And so, to further capitalize on the deep knowledge in precision mechanics and on the experience in the production of distribution mechanisms Mr. Chesini starts a service center activity for SINGER sewing machines.

However CHESINI never stops researching innovative solutions for its bikes. In 1963 a Chesini bike wins the Solo 100 km World Amateur Championship and in 1964 and 1965 CHESINI also wins the Team 100 km World Amateur Championships.
Soon the collateral activities were abandoned, choosing to follow the passion for the production of the highest quality bikes. As Gabriele Chesini, son of Gelmino, and strenuous and dynamic continuer of the company, used to say, "our real and unique intent is to build special race bikes, perfect for racer and amateurs".
And this happened in Via San Paolo 8 workshop, in Verona, reaping acclaims and extraordinary agonistic results, such as the conquest of the World Juniores Championship in 1989. In that period several pro and amateurs teams chose CHESINI, in Italy and abroad, and CHESINI gains a lot of customers all over Europe, USA and Japan. In the same period the production was moved out of the city center to San Martino Buonalbergo (a few km outside Verona) and later to Verona Industrial Area, always keeping, the original roots in the headquarters of Via San Paolo, where passion, entrepreneurship and professionalism brought CHESINI to be a synonymous for quality and uniqueness.
Today these are the same tracts that distinguish CHESINI, still based in Via San Paolo 8, Verona: An unchanged ability to look forward, and anticipate trends and technical choices, believing that CHESINI bikes are unique such as their owners.
Chesini Biciprecision In more than eighty years long history,
CHESINI has always strived to offer the best products, looking forward and demonstrating to be among the best technicians and market connoisseurs, often anticipating public taste and trends.
From this innate intuitive ability, supported by great business skill, our company grew and is still growing, faithfully following a philosophy of quality and dynamism, supporting amateurs and professional teams.
All these prestigious milestones allow us to face our next goals with renewed optimism and professionalism.

Chesini Olimpiade Columbus SL tube frameset

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