Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Somec Fuego Columbus Foco steel tubes frameset

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A beautiful modern shape Columbus steel frameset for today! A real unique piece of italian craftmanship.

About Columbus Foco material

Thermacrom: It is the latest result of recent studies on the new welding methods and on the behaviour of the structure under successive heat cycles. Thermacrom can be considered to be a development of the Nivacrom alloy and the ultra-fine structures resulting from the secondary precipitation of stable carbides. Thermacrom is a steel microalloyed with manganese, chrome, molybdenum and vanadium. These elements produce a marked increase in temperability, a reduction in sensitivity to overheating which ensures that a fine-grain metal structure will be obtained after welding, more able to withstand fatigue stresses, better characteristics of strength and tenacity and better characteristics of resistance to corrosion and wear. Thermacrom is born for very top-of-the-range frames that require the highest benefits.
Mechanical Characteristics: Breaking load Rm = 1250 ÷ 1450 N/mm² Rs = 1100 N/mm² Elongation > 10%
Foco: Technical Characteristics

Extreme lightness, thanks to reduced thickness (0,4 mm)
Excellent mechanical properties, due to cold-drawing process which consolidates the steel structure
Reasons to choose Foco

Foco is reserved to top of the range, professional frames. Foco tubes are reliable and light: their weight is similar to aluminium while offering aluminium same corrosion resistance, if properly treated, but with simpler assembling phases. A guarantee of safety for both the athlete and the Framebuilder.

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