Monday, November 11, 2013

Tommasini Tecno Extra Columbus Nemo / Genius frameset

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A beautiful italian Tommasini frameset for today, made of Columbus Nemo and Genius tubes, incredible paintjob and colors!

Tommasini has been producing and selling racing bikes since the Second World War. The essence of Tommasini is steeped in history, experience and technical know-how. The continuous research into better ways of building racing bikes has put Tommasini at the forefront of the market.

The entire Tommasini range is hand crafted by highly skilled technicians in the factory at Grosseto Tuscany. Since the introduction of carbon fibre as the base material Tommasini has with its continuous research and development produced a racing bike that not only is lightweight but gives a comfort ride that is unique.

Since its origin the company policy has been one of quality, this is made possible by the use of premium materials combined with innovative technology. The attention to detail by our master craftsmen brings a PASSON and STYLE that is easily recognized by our customers.

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